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Mobile Fuel Polishing

More than 70% of all engine problems/failures are fuel related. If your engine is hesitating, starting hard, idling rough, stalling, pinging and or smoking excessively there is a 7 in 10 chance it is a warning there is a serious problem with your fuel/tank. If you wait until the engine stops/fails you may have to repair the engine at a cost of hundreds or thousands of dollars plus, you will still need to fix the fuel/tank problem that caused it.

It is much easier and far less expensive to polish the fuel and clean the tank when the warnings first appear and before the engine is damaged.

The US Fuel Tank Services pioneered a new method that is unique and different from other fuel polishing companies. Our proprietary process goes well beyond the typical pumping out and disposal of your fuel or simply filtering it with standard filters like others usually do.

We not only filter your fuel with super fine filters we also chemically clean your tank which is the only way to effectively get behind the baffles and prevent the problem from reoccurring in 60-90 days. We also potentially save you hundreds because we can typically save 50-to 90% of your old fuel by rejuvenating it and making it usable again instead of pumping it out and disposing of it.

Our exclusive process is 99.9% successful where the normal rate for other fuel polishing companies is 50/500%. (We are often called to correct/complete jobs performed by companies)

Typical Questions & Answers:

Q: What is fuel polishing?
A: It is the act of filtering the fuel through a machine under high pressure/volume and at a finer filtering level than most OEM filters are capable of.

Q: Will polishing the fuel solve my fuel problem?
A: No, if you don’t have the chemical tank cleaners and water absorbers we have you can’t properly clean the sidewalls or behind the baffles. We are the only company with the chemicals/capabilities to totally clean the fuel, tank and entire fuel system. (Injectors, lines and fuel pump)

Q: How do you access my tank and clean it?
A: We normally remove the fuel sending unit or access plate and insert a flexible probe to the bottom. We pump out the trash and sludge and then circulate the fuel through our polishing machine while injecting chemical tank cleaners. (Similar to a kidney dialysis machine)

Q: Will the chemicals affect my engine warranty or harm gaskets, hoses or seals.
A: No, we have been using them for many years; they are tested and certified safe by independent labs and contain no alcohols or acids. In fact hundreds of our customers are certified professional mechanics & shops that perform engine warranty work.

Q: Will I have the problem again?
A: Not if you use our fuel additives, they will keep your fuel system clean; prevent ethanol phase separation & fuel tank condensation if tanks are kept full. (Stabilize fuels for 18-24 months of storage)

We have years of experience with Ethanol, Gasoline, Diesel, Bio-diesel, Methanol, ETC. All USA Fuel Service techs are fully trained, licensed and insured professionals. We offer the finest service available and use state-of-the-art equipment and certified safe chemicals. We make our own equipment, produce our own tank cleaners and produce/sell our own fuel additives. When you deal with us you are dealing directly with the equipment/chemical manufacturer. So when you want a polishing service and fuel additives that really work we are your best choice.

If you have a fuel problem we can solve it, Guaranteed!

The most common operational failures experienced by diesel-powered Vehicles, equipment and generators are fuel related. There are millions of gallons of older stored fuels that will not meet minimum ASTM standards for use. A large percentage of them are discarded as unusable. We have developed new methods to restore/rejuvenate those fuels for 20-40% of the typical replacement costs.

(40% of tested fuels, stored 1-year or longer, failed to meet engine manufacturers minimum specs for warranty)

Ø Exercising your vehicle, equipment, diesel generator once a week/month won’t solve the problem!

Ø Using a biocide additive alone won’t solve the problem.

Ø Adding an on-site fuel-polishing unit alone will not solve the problem.


US FUEL TANK SERVICES,  offers traditional fuel maintenance services and new state of the art techniques that will dramatically reduce fuel loss and equipment down time costs by extending equipment life and restoring fuel quality and stability. Our proprietary polishing system along with our chemical formulas can rejuvenate and restore the quality and usability of old fuels. It will meet or exceed ASTM standards and the latest new engine warranty specs. (We have restored 15-year old diesel) We have the experience, knowledge, and mobile equipment to service tanks from 100-100,000 gallons, diesel and gasoline. We can service all regions of the U.S. from one of our branches in MD, VA, NC, Ohio and FL.

Pick and choose from individual services or save money with a contract that groups any number of services into a term fuel management program.

+Time interval onsite tank tests for water and microbes with instant results.

+ Full battery of ASTM fuel tests by independent certified lab to determine baseline fuel condition. (Results in 10-14 days)

+ Vacuum water and sludge from the tank bottom. (Basic tank sweep)

+ Complete tank evacuations including disposal of contaminated fuels.

+ Rejuvenate and polish contaminated fuels. (Remove free water and solids and chemically restore fuels)

+ Chemically clean interior of tanks and entire fuel systems. (No down time)

+ Chemically boost/restore quality of older fuel and stabilize for long-term storage. (Old fuel meets new standards when adding new generators)

US Fuel Tank Services can dramatically extend the life to your old fuels.

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