I was surprised to find US Fuel Tank services had the answer we needed to solve ethanol fuel issues for our customers. We use their exclusive system in our shop to clean tanks and their “Gas additive” product has proven to be the best fuel additive to prevent future problems after we are done. It works great and our customers love it. Thanks

Gordon Devasto · Central Florida Marine · Orlando, Florida

Hi, Just wanted to say how thankful I am now that my boat runs the way it should. I have been experiencing fuel starvation problems, particularly when mooring the boat in tight spots after a long day cruising. I'm no longer stricken with anxiety from a boat engine stalling when I need it the most! Thanks again!

Justin Crandall · Aqueous Humor · Norfolk, Virginia

What Customers have taken the time to write us.

I had my tank cleaned by US  Fuel Tank Services, they save most of the old fuel for me and the Diesel additive product has stopped my problems with water and algae. The black smoke disappeared and I use less fuel. Bottom line is it works!

Capt. John-S · Port Charlotte Florida

After a full summer of ethanol gas problems I finally found a product that stopped them and made my engine run like it is suppose to. I will never use anything but Gas additive product" from now on.

Capt Stan · Virginia Beach, Viginia

I am very satisfied with US Fuel Tank Services tank cleaning and there is no better product than their Diesel addivive product.

Capt Ben-G · Ocean City, Maryland

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