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USA Fuel Service, LLC is a Punta Gorda, Florida based company with independent distributors operating in more than seven eastern states.
USA Fuel Services is a Punta Gorda, Florida based company named M&M Fuel Services dba. USA Fuel Services. With the blessings of USA Fuel Services LLC. We are a independent distributor of USA Fuel Services LLC.

USA Fuel Services offers select businesses and individuals the opportunity to become a dealer.

“USA Fuel Service, LLC” was founded to take a new state-of-the-art fuel purifying system nationwide. The basic knowledge for this exclusive process began in the early 1970’s. It is a result of more than 40-years of racing experience that included building gas and diesel engines and blending racing fuels. (Gasoline, Ethanol, Methanol, Diesel, Benzene, Naphtha, Etc.) Our racing experience taught us how to blend, stabilize and store fuels.

We built 1,000+ HP racing engines and custom blended fuels for them. We developed new methods for storing and safely using alcohol-blended fuels. Our engines and fuels were used for auto, truck, tractor, motorcycle and boat racing. We gained valuable knowledge that helped solve lubrication and fuel problems for gasoline and diesel powered emergency generators and heavy construction equipment, which was part of our livelihood at the time.

Today we apply that real world knowledge in our fuel business and even build our own state-of-the-art mobile fuel purifying machines in-house. We use a proprietary blend of fuel tank cleaning chemical additives that are unequaled in the industry. (We can actually restore most old fuels to a usable state)

We also have two new state-of-the-art fuel additives “Gas-Shok”™ for gasoline and “Desl-Shok”™ for diesel. They are a custom blend of industrial strength proven safe ingredients that are extremely effective when used with the new (E10-E85) gasoline(s) and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels. They are acid and alcohol free formulas that have been tested and certified safe. They will not harm engine components or fuel systems and will not affect engine warranties.

Call 941-740-4170 to discuss becoming an authorized dealer of "Gas-Shok"tm and "Desl-Shok"tm.

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Any business in the engine servicing industry, from Heavy Equipment , Marinas, Lawn care repair, Motorcycle or Auto/Diesel Repair  or parts industry. Offer your customers a product that works and give your bottom line a shot in the arm. A WIN-WIN!

Call and get the details, I am sure you will be impressed with our dealer programs!