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Commercial Fuel Management Services

US Fuel Tank Services offers fuel management program that is guaranteed to solve existing fuel issues and prevent them in the future. Our new system consists of an initial inspection and tank cleaning/fuel polishing if necessary. We then add a comprehensive fuel additive package that will keep tanks clean and free of algae, water, sludge and solids. Our tank cleaning services are state-of-the-art and our chemicals have been tested and certified by independent lab. (The additive package consists of a cleaner, biocide, booster, lubricant, water absorber and stabilizer)

Following the initial tank cleaning and fuel polishing we offer our high volume fuel accounts a “Four-Star” comprehensive fuel management program that includes pretreating your fuels before delivery. We offer continuous monitoring/testing of your tanks and fuel with full reporting. US Fuel Tank Services  100% guarantees our “Four-Star” fuel management program with a new unprecedented warranty.

If you have a fuel quality issue from any tank in the fuel management program resulting from algae, sludge, water, or solids we will clean and service the tank and fuel “FREE OF CHARGE” for as long as the tank is in our program.

The basic knowledge for this exclusive process.

Began in the early 1970’s.( By our founder) It is a result of more than 40-years of racing experience that included building gas and diesel engines and blending racing fuels. (Gasoline, Ethanol, Methanol, Diesel, Benzene, Naphtha, Etc.) His racing experience taught him how to blend, stabilize and store fuels.
Today we apply his real world knowledge in our fuel business and they build our own state-of-the-art mobile fuel purifying machines in-house. We use a proprietary blend of fuel tank cleaning chemical additives that are unequaled in the industry. (We can actually restore most old fuels to a usable state)

We also have two new state-of-the-art fuel additives
Gas Additive products for gasoline and “Diesel additive products" for diesel. They are a custom blend of industrial strength proven safe ingredients that are extremely effective when used with the new (E10-E85) gasoline(s) and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels. They are acid and alcohol free formulas that have been tested and certified safe. They will not harm engine components or fuel systems and will not affect engine warranties.

US Fuel Tank Services  Fuel Additives That Work!


About Us

More than 70% of all engine problems/failures are fuel related.

If your engine is hesitating, starting hard, idling rough, stalling, pinging and or smoking excessively there is a 7 in 10 chance it is a warning there is a serious problem with your fuel and fuel tank. If you wait until the engine stops/fails you may have to repair the engine at a cost of hundreds or in some cases thousands of dollars, you will still need to fix the fuel/tank problem that caused it.

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We are the Company the experts call!
We deal with service writers for some of the most highly respected Marina's in 7 of the eastern states. We get calls from Facility managers of fortune 500 companies that know what we can do. Yaght Managers use us, and their very livelyhood depends on it! It is pretty funny really, we hear all the time "The Fuel Guys are here!" These are people with their personal reputations on the line, why do they call us? Because they know our 4 step process works! Our Additives and additive package work! That is the bottom line. And we will do the same process and take the same care for you.

We care about what we do, our reputation is also on the line on every job we do! Big or small, we never forget that what ever it is we are working on, it is important to you. If it was not you would not have called us.We take great pride in what we do, and believe me it shows. We show every customer before and after samples ( I get a huge kick out of the look on the faces) I am sure this is what my face looked like the first time a saw the results! To this day I can not look at a before and after and not smile. I'm a fuel geek ! What can I say?

Do unto others as you would have done to you! This works!